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Drink about, smoke about it, don't talk about

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What she says: It’s nothing. I’m fine.

What she means: I wish you were Drake.

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I was the problem.

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Black and white blog *trigger warning*


Black and white blog *trigger warning*

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I still catch myself feeling sad about things that don’t matter anymore.

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following back tons


following back tons

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Your name is forever nestled between my heart and my ribcage

I wrote everything I adore about you on the shore of your soul
But you became a raging hurricane
And washed everything I had worked for away forever

Years later— I don’t speak
Petrifying fear that my words will be taken away in the breeze before they even escape my mouth
As empty and desolate and dark as abandoned school halls
You still are a swirling mess of tears and emotion and you’ve got holes in you that are infinite
I don’t think you’ll ever be whole again

You told me you wanted to die and I thought twice about answering your 3AM phone call

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We kissed and I felt a part of me die because I knew that it meant nothing to you. Because this was the 3rd time this week that you called me over and it’s the only thing we ever do and we never actually talk anymore. you touch me and I touch you and It’s just not enough. I want you vulnerable. I want you to go crazy when I’m not around. I don’t want you to just kiss my neck when you’re lonely.


Just remember that sometimes, the way you think about a person isn’t the way they actually are.

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